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| B.F.A. Art & B.S. Communication |

Cornell University | May 2018 | Magna Cum Laude

Executive Assistant, Broome County Arts Council, Binghamton, NY, October 2018 - Present. Taking the lead on office administrative tasks, including membership tracking and outreach, programs, marketing efforts, facilities upkeep and intern management. Frontline, and first line of communications coming into the Arts Council. Maintaining a master calendar, scheduling the Executive Directors day, bookkeeping and financial tracking.

Communications Consultant, Binghamton, NY, June 2018 - Present. Consulting with a variety of individuals a number of projects spanning the arts and political spheres. Consultant work includes but is not limited to design projects, content generation, video work, multimedia editing, and social media advising. 

Graphic Design Intern, The Femme Oasis, Chicago, IL, June 2018 - November 2018. Worked in response to a written piece and generated a corresponding visual for media use. Corresponded monthly with a visual supervisor who communicated constraints and guidelines in order to facility cohesive visuals across all remote contributors.

Studio Assistant to Professor Elisabeth Meyer, Ithaca, NY, May 2017 - 2018. Completing administrative work essential to productive artistic practice, including statement writing, grant writing, exhibition proposals, maintaining professional correspondence in a timely manner, maintaining an expanding archive of artworks, designing and executing exhibition materials.

 Print Facility Monitor, Material Practice Facilities, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, August 2016 - May 2018. Supervised after hours use of lithography, intaglio, and screen-print studios, while training new PFM’s on facility procedures.

VP of Communications, Architecture, Art & Planning Ambassadors, Cornell University, May 2016 - May 2018. Generated media content for @AAPAdmissions on instagram, event planning, outreach to prospective students. 

President, Cornell University Art Majors Organization, Ithaca, NY, May 2017 - May 2018. Connecting MFA and BFA students in the Cornell arts program to each other and the larger community through planned events and artistic opportunities. 

Graphic Design & Social Media Coordination Intern, Dyson Business Minors Program, Cornell University, June 2017 - September 2017. Content creation for the DBM program, research on and subsequent outreach to identified pockets of student gain for the minors program, content creation, and cross-platform social media updates while working with Cornell Branding to ensure appropriate imaging and brand use.

Teaching Assistant; Art as Experience, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, June 2017. Supervised safe student use of University facilities, providing insight into processes, and capitalized on teaching opportunities with high school aged students engaged in the arts.

Pace Prints, Intern, Manhattan, NY, January 2015 - April 2015. Provided clean hands for Master Printers working with mid and late career artists. Edition preparation included opening plates and cleaning plate edges prior to printing. Heavily involved in paper preparation from ordering and picking up, to tearing down, and dampening, and finally, finishing editions and pulling works for signatures.

Light Work Lab, Intern, Syracuse, NY, June 2014 - August 2014. Scanning and formatting negatives into digital file using an Imacon scanner. Epson printer maintenance and upkeep. Individual paper to printer dialogues. Printing proofs and final images. Cutting down and packaging final editions.