Graphic generated for B.C.A.C.’s 2019  United Cultural Fund Campaign Fundraiser. This website slider has been adapted across platforms for optimal audience engagement.
 Graphic generated for B.C.A.C.’s 2019 United Cultural Fund grant applications. This website slider has been adapted across platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn) for optimal audience engagement and visual continuity.
 Cross platform media generated in response to International Women’s Day. This graphic, designed for cross-platform use, can be broken into thirds for a swipe-able post on instagram, or can be used as a cover photo on facebook or LinkedIn.
 I held the role of V.P. of Communications with Cornell’s College of Architecture Art and Planning Ambassadors (AAPA) for two consecutive terms. During that time, I wrote a proposal and a mission statement detailing a need for student generated content within the university setting. For two years, I was the sole generator of graphics and visual content for the account @aapadmissions. Thanks to my communications media studies coursework , interest in social media data analytics, and overall informed platform use, AAPA’s Instagram following grew from 17 in 2016 to over 600 across my terms.
 After working on behalf of the Architecture Art and Planning Ambassadors for a year, our social media presence began to gain traction and subsequently notice across the Cornell community. As a result, I was invited by the Cornell Dyson Business Minors Program to take on their content in the role of “Graphic Design and Social Media Coordination Intern.” Content generation, and audience outreach research were among the many responsibilities I held on behalf of the Dyson Business Minors.
 In 2013 I joined Cornell’s Art Majors Organization (AMO) as a member. In 2016, I transitioned into the Executive Board and began serving as the organization’s Communications V.P. In that role, I identified a need for our organization to engage with our peers where our peers were most active - on Instagram - to create a centralized location for Art Majors to look for pertinent happenings in the community.  I kickstarted AMO’s social media presence, creating an instagram account to promote events, exhibitions, and opportunities relevant to my cohort. When I transitioned into the role of Executive Board President in 2017, I continued to generate content on behalf of the organization. Our following, built from nothing, increased to 268 before I handed off the reigns to a fresh board in 2018.
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